5 Reasons Why Do Math Homework?

The science of Mathematics has been in existence since the earliest records were kept and plaguing students for that amount of time as well.  Mathematics is the numerical explanation of events and forces.  Mathematics is the way to calculate or exactly describe amounts.  And Math homework is the way that students learn the principles of mathematics and to use them as though they were second nature, hopefully.

In the first years of school, math homework takes the form of simple additional and subtraction. These are skills that are simple enough that even a parent can help with math homework.  Addition and subtraction are basic to all forms of mathematics and will be used every day for the rest of the student’s life to balance a check book or to figure out just how far over the speed limit you were driving when you were stopped and given a ticket by the local traffic cop. The math homework tasks the student will next encounter are multiplication and division, which are really just ways to shorten the process of adding and subtracting. It makes the process of dealing with large amounts or numbers of repetitions of events much faster, in the long run.  Both processes are built upon the successful memorization of multiplication tables, an unavoidable, loathsome process that will provide weeks of math homework.  However, once learned they will be used daily to figure out how many pounds of steaks to buy for the next party grill party.  Multiplication and division also are used in the study of statistics, which is a growing and lucrative profession.  In fact, mathematic calculations are used in nearly every form of business.  Math homework will one day pay off when the student is being paid a good salary to explain the latest sales drive results.