For each solute, identify the better solvent: water or carbon tetrachloride

so here it says for each solute which are these four here identify the better solvent water or carbon tetrachloride water h2o is a polar solvent and that’s because it has hydrogen bonding involved which is a polar intermolecular force but also when you draw it it has a bent shape which is an imperfect shape which makes that molecule polar now carbon tetrachloride is carbon connected to four chlorines carbons in group 4a so it has four valence electrons chlorine is in group 7a so it has seven valence electrons remember halogens elements in group 7a just like chlorine only make a single bond when they are surrounding element and carbon itself must make four bonds now in this drawing of carbon tetrachloride carbon is connected to the same surrounding elements which are all more electronegative in it and because of that this is a non-polar solvent so this is really testing the idea of likes dissolve likes water because it’s polar will dissolve things that are polar carbon tetrachloride because it’s nonpolar will only dissolve other things that are nonpolar so if we take a look at our four options here we have c6h6 which is called benzene the name really isn’t important what you to take away from this is that if you have a compound with only carbon and hydrogen it’s automatically nonpolar so benzene here is nonpolar because it only has carbons and hydrogen’s so that would mean that it’s best solvent would be carbon tetrachloride I 2 I 2 is just two iodine’s connected to each other because they’re both the same element they’ll share electrons perfectly with one another so this is nonpolar so if you’re connected to copies of yourself o 2 CL 2 p4s 8 they’re all nonpolar because they’re sharing electrons with elements just like them they all share them perfectly so they’re all nonpolar now na 2’s is ionic it has sodium which is a metal and sulfur which is nonmetals ionic compounds are automatically polar and because of that they’re better solvent would be water which is also polar finally we have ch3oh which is methanol it has an O H group remember when H is connected to F or n it’s a hydrogen bonding which is a polar force so they’ll mean that methanol is polar and because methanol is polar it’s better solvent would be water so just remember when they’re talking about solutes and solvents and them mixing or dissolving into one another we’re looking at the idea of likes dissolve likes polar dissolves polar nonpolar dissolves nonpolar


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