Alcohol and Your Body

Why should you quit/drink less or limit the amount of alcohol that you keep at home? A. To save money B. To lose weight and cut down on calorie consumption C. So that you won t be tempted to go over your drinking limit D. All of the above The answer is D. it will […]

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a man was murdered in his office riddle

A man was murdered in his office riddle For starters. The bloody knife that the victim managed to extract from the abdomen nailed him to a table calendar. Written with your fingers and your own blood on the table, these numbers 6 10 9 1 The possible suspects who remained in the office held by […]

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Students Find Remedy For Homework Headaches

The majority of students today are using the PC for homework and research (according to JupiterResearch, U.S. Online Teen Media Consumer Survey, 2005). But even with an abundance of information and technology at their disposal, it can be difficult for students to find the tools they need for their specific assignments. In an independent survey […]

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