Mathematical Myths

Math anxiety has been the concern of most students. Staring at blank papers, constant head scratching, and shaky hands – these are the usual scenarios in a person that is having problems with math. It has been the mission of math educators to present math in the easiest way possible. Aside from the usually tedious “teaching method,” more and more techniques and modes are being presented to students for them to like math. However, not everybody bites in the math reel. No matter how math educator present the subject, mathematical concepts just wont sink in to the minds of the students. So where does the problem reside? In the lousy student who, no matter how you teach math, seems to stare at you aimlessly. Maybe, it’s the complicated formula, that no matter how people try to simplify it, the problem itself is intricately difficult. Or maybe, we can blame the incompetent instructors who, instead presenting math to be a breeze, confuse the students with the way they present the subject.
Our mind is the math anxiety battleground, therefore, as according to studies, we should first uproot the clutters called “math myths.” These are concepts that are inculcated in the minds of the students that fuel their skepticism and inhibits proactive actions towards trouncing the fear over math.