If someone is showing signs of an alcohol overdose, you should

1、If someone is showing signs of an alcohol overdose, you should:

A. have them take a cold shower
B. not leave them alone
C. get them something to eat
D. all of the above

The answer is B

2、which of the following decreases the chances of an alcohol overdose:

A. eating after drinking
B. keeping one’s BAC in a safer range (well below 0.04%)
C. drinking coffee
D. all of the above

The answer is B

3、key signs of an alcohol overdose include:

The answer is being in a semiconscious state and difficulty breathing

Alcohol has been a common drink that’s been controversial for those that consumed it. To have an understanding of alcohol overdose, people must know what it is to keep others sober.To those that are unaware of an alcohol overdose, it damages the human mind and the immune system. Other organs that become weaker thanks to alcohol poisoning include:

  • The esophagus
  • The throat
  • And the liver

Alcohol poisoning occurs from guilt or loneliness, leading to symptoms such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Aggression
  • Depression

An alcohol overdose can lead to suppressed gag reflexes and oxygen problems. These kinds of health problems have affected many individuals around the world. If a person is suffering from alcohol poisoning, there are a few ways to keep them from dying. It’s suggested to stay close to a person if they aren’t as conscious as they should be.

If they need to rest, they should be on their sides and not their backs so they don’t have breathing problems. Make sure that they are away from the sun, kept warm, and avoid making the person aggressive. To keep a person sober for a while, it should be worth noting that it takes a while for a person to recover. Also, certain things like having a sober individual walk or take a shower won’t do any favors.

  • If a person is suffering from their overdose again, check if their skin isn’t normal.
  • If they are suffering from seizures, take care of them.
  • If they have more breathing problems, prepare for CPR.
  • Do not irritate a person if they continue suffering from their overdose.

If these options aren’t comfortable to do the best thing to do is to contact 911. It is especially helpful for the Aware, Awake, Alive signs. If calling 911 isn’t an option for help, keep a person safe in a Bacchus Maneuver position or to use CPR. It’s important to never leave a person alone or else they will remain unconscious and even die. A person’s overdose left untreated can result in the following:

  • Choking on their own puke,
  • Having an irregular breathing pattern,
  • Suffer from heart attacks,
  • Have their body temperature and blood sugar much lower than normal.
  • Dehydration leading into brain damage.

Depending on how severe an overdose is, it is always important to keep a person in check at all times. Being prepared to help them recover when they begin feeling is also important. In due time, they will be able to become sober before recovering from their overdose. When a person is free from their overdose, they must remember to never repeat their mistakes.

No matter what, alcohol should remain as a warning to anyone thinking about consuming it. What alcohol has within its can or bottle will be a disaster to those that can’t control themselves. The best thing to prevent this addictive disaster is to drink less and never let your immune system down. At the end of the day, it’s best to either drink with caution or avoid it altogether.

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